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Sharon Zehavi sex up your brand


Get people to come to YOU

Yet as amazing as you are, do you still see your competition doing better than you? Do you want to take your business and goals to the next level, but have no idea what strategies are going to actually work, to claim your position as the industry leader that you really are?

You are great at what you do. So the real question is:
How do you show people how great you are BEFORE they get to work with you?
There is only ONE answer to that and it’s not advertising or funnels or a new website or a better discount… The answer is strategic seduction.

I help businesses attract clients, opportunities, investors and even media attention ORGANICALLY, without wasting their time, energy OR money and it’s easier than you think.

Why is marketing your business taking over your time and freedom

And never seems to give you the results you are after?
It all comes down to 3 main mistakes and you are often TOLD to make. Why? Because all the experts around you are busy teaching you the WHAT but not the HOW. And the HOW is what makes the real difference.
Sharon Zehavi sex up your brand

"Working with Sharon gave me complete confidence, not just in her abilities, but in my own abilities… I saw results almost immediately."

Mallory McGrath

Kickass Entrepreneur

Time for you to step into the stoplights?

Be Irresistible

Make your clients fall in love with you. When you know who you are trying to attract, you can make sure to BE exactly who they need you to be for them. Position yourself as the only perfect match to their needs and turn the competition irrelevant.

Be Unforgettable

We are visual people and we all make mistakes based on our visual impressions, without even being aware of it. You think what your brand looks like doesn’t matter? Think again. Give them a chance to notice you and don’t let them stop thinking about you.

Be Yourself

You got something special to offer just by being YOU. It’s time to take what you’ve got and make it shine. You know that your brand has the potential to explode, and we’ll help you discover that potential. Be unique, be yourself.

Get Noticed
Get Results



"I think Sharon is incredible"

Sharon Zehavi understands branding intuitively from a value stand point. Because if you are going to build a brand that really resonates with people, this is stuff you just HAVE to get.

Les Evans

International Speaker, Coach to Celebrities and Rockstars

Sex Up Your Brand Programs

Get your brand off the perfect start. This course will take through every single aspect of your branding process: Name, message, attitude, service, customer experience, style, logo, website, social media, prints, colours schemes, and a lot more.

Do you want to succeed on Linkedin, WITHOUT using ads? This course will allow you to monetize your brand on LinkedIn, generating qualified leads every day.

Give your brand a head start right out of the gate with an optimized website, fully inclusive of graphic design, corporate identity and graphic elements for all social media pages.

The Ultimate Money-Making Branding Program

14 weeks of support in group calls, personal voice messages, emails and more. 12 weeks of training from 6 experts in online branding, lead generation, style, mindset and more. Results-based system to grow yourself as a brand that SELLS.

Sharon Zehavi sex up your brand

Meet Sharon Zehavi

The Woman of the Hour

Sharon Zehavi combines over a decade of international branding experience with passion and instinct to build your brand. Sharon has worked with brands from all spheres, from multi-million dollar campaigns to helping small brands become industry success. Sharon’s true passion lies in helping business owners grow their brands and increase their profits.

Sharon is an award winning, best selling author and tv host with a regular segment on National Television.

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