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Are you spending endless hours on social media trying to promote your business? Are you fed up with all the advertising and marketing tasks that take up all of your time and show very little return? Tired of ordering deals and promotions and seeing it doesn’t really make a difference? 

Do you feel overwhelmed, confused and stressed by everything that you are told to do to attract more business and more opportunities your way?

If you are an entrepreneur or a small business owner – NO MATTER IN WHAT INDUSTRY or how much experience you have – and you are looking to grow your sales, fan or client base, income and outreach – This is where you need to start. You are missing out of massive chunks of your market, that your competition is ready to grab.

Sharon and her team of experts can give you the tools you need to create your money-making identity and build you a customized branding strategy that attracts high-paying loyal clients and life-changing opportunities, no matter how big you are, or how good you are. We have a results-based method that will position you as an authority in your industry EVEN if you have limited sources of time, energy or money. Yes, that’s right. No matter what your limitations are, we can make it work, as long as you are ready to do what it takes!

We will not stop until YOU are branded for SUCCESS!



How to get your customers to be irrationally loyal? Lets create the right brand for you with power, precision and passion.


Nurturing the relationships with your clients is a must. Lets control perception through strategic positioning.


Lets align what you stand for with what you look like, using symbols, colours and all graphic elements.


Do you know what your clients want? Lets show them you care.


Your clients want to know you and connect with you brand. Lets show them how to love you.


Are you the best at what you do? Lets make sure the world KNOWS that.

Are you doing EVERYTHING you could be doing to become a WINNING brand???


Sharon is a branding strategist, an international coach and speaker. She is an award-winning best-selling author and the host of her own segment on national TV.

After working on multi-million dollar campaigns for some of the world’s most admired brands, Sharon found her true purpose: helping small businesses owners increase their profits and market share through controlling perception and strategic seduction. 

With a deep belief in serving her community and making the impossible possible, Sharon takes pride in volunteering her knowledge and supporting to several non-profit organizations.



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``Working with Sharon gave me complete confidence, not just in her abilities, but in my own abilities… I saw results almost immediately.``

Mallory McGrath

Kickass Entrepreneur

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``I think Sharon is so incredible, she is going to be managing MY BRAND and image from now on.”

Les Evans

International Speaker, Coach to Celebrities and Rockstars

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“Sharon is a very engaging speaker… No wonder she is so good at what she does”

Sharon is a very engaging speaker who knows how to capture her audience by delivering relevant and interesting content. No wonder she is so good at what she does – branding, i.e., controlling the perception of how others view you. As a business and finance professional who is managing a business, I would definitely recommend Sharon to small business owners who need an unconventional way of doing things. Booking Sharon to speak at a Sales & Marketing event for staff to give them the right attitude or even if just for a pep talk – nothing can beat Sharon’s energy!

Sweeny D’Souza, MBA, GBA

Vice President, Revolution Insurance Services Inc.

“However you are seeking to transform or build your brand, you could not find a more capable pair of hands.”

“Sharon worked with me to define and achieve the look that I had in mind for my brand, offering guidance and wise counsel at every stage. She is astoundingly intuitive with regards to how the eye will perceive an image, and has an intimate and subtle understanding of beauty and balance. I found her direct and communicative, which was phenomenally helpful. I often second-guess; she was patient, and so I can recommend her services unreservedly. However you are seeking to transform or build your brand, you could not find a more capable pair of hands.”

Rachael Mason

Resonar Presentations

“Her work is equivalent or better quality than any advertising agency, without all of the extra time and expense. “

“Working in various organizations, ranging from professional to not-for-profit, Sharon has become my sole go-to resource for branding, design and marketing impact advice. Her work is equivalent or better quality than any advertising agency, without all of the extra time and expense. Endlessly creative, she is happy to work with the client’s vision and ideas, while not being afraid to tell you when your ideas are not the best choice for your brand. Whether you are starting from scratch, looking to change directions, or want your current brand continued in a more efficient way, you need Sharon on your team.”

Patrick Brown

various projects

``Thank you Sharon Zehavi, of ``Sex Up Your Brand``: You are indeed a miracle worker.``

Ute Schmid Jones

Environmental Activist & Politician

“I trusted her (Sharon) and her ability to support my work so much so, that I decided not to shop around. I was so happy that I made that decision…”

“Although Sharon was highly recommended, I had planned on shopping around before committing to a branding specialist. But from the moment I met her everything changed. I was very impressed with how personable Sharon was, her ability to understand my needs and tell me how I can make a real impact. I trusted her and her ability to support my work so much so, that I decided not to shop around. I was so happy that I made that decision, because she was able to help me come up with an effective brand and help me put together a professional and exciting look in a short time frame. As we continue our work together, I am feeling more confident than ever of her ability to deliver quality results.”

Rachelle Jana Bogatin

Love Coach

“(Sharon) is an incredible speaker and I left that day feeling super #inspired and #grateful!!!”



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