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Brand Identity

Brand Identity is what sets your brand APART. It’s the the feel and what makes consumers remember YOU. Our courses are designed to set you up with a killer brand identity, and show you how to make it work for YOU. No matter the size of your brand or field it’s in; implementing optimal branding strategies for your business will allow you to reach, and exceed, your goals.

Whatever your brand size and stage, whatever you’re looking to achieve
Our courses have YOUR SOLUTION.

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Give your brand a head start and learn to control how people SEE your BRAND. This course takes you through every aspect of the branding process from name, message and attitude through to service, customer experience, style, logo, social media presence and management, prints, colour schemes and MORE.

Learn how to be a Linkedin Leader with our Rainmaker Lead System. Monetize your brand and generate daily qualified leads, all WITHOUT using ads. Our done-with-you program includes LIFETIME access to the Rainmaker system training and resources, giving your lifelong access your brands secret to success.

  • Fully optimized website
  • Graphic design elements
  • Corporate brand identity
  • Social media page design
Give your brand what it needs with an optimized website. We’ll set your brand up with a digital blueprint to ensure maximum exposure and meaningful online engagement. We do this through the creation of your brand identity, brand strategy and brand layout.

The Ultimate Branding Program

Our full service course to make sure you SUCCEED. Create your best brand, and receive follow up support to ensure it’s WORKING for YOU. This course includes 14 weeks of support in group calls, personal voice messages, emails and MORE. We’ll give you 12 weeks of hands on training from 6 different experts in online branding, lead generation, style and mindset.

Sharon Zehavi sex up your brand

"I think Sharon is incredible"

Sharon understands branding intuitively from a value stand point. Because if you are going to build a brand that really resonates with people, this is stuff you just HAVE to get.

Les Evans

International Speaker, Coach to Celebrities and Rockstars

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